About Us

We are a small business located in Australia. Our aim is to provide perfume lovers with unique, as well as popular fragrances at affordable prices. 


Do you do international shipping to countries other than Australia? 

We have not made international shipping available at this stage, sorry! Stay tuned for shipping updates in the future. 

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes! Free shipping for all Australian customers without a minimum order amount!

Can I return an item?
We can replace or credit any items damaged, faulty or received incorrectly within 14-days of purchase. Please see the returns policy page. 

What is the difference between EDP, EDT and EDC?

EDP: Eau de Parfum contain higher concentrations of perfume oil than EDT and EDC which means the scent will last longer - around 3-5 hours.

EDT: Eau De Toilette is lighter than EDP with a lower concentration of perfume oils and will not last as long as EDP scents - around 2-4 hours.

EDC: Eau De Cologne is the most diluted solution out of the three mentioned and usually last up to 2 hours.



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